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West Industries provides a list of high-quality services designed to address every phase of product manufacturing. Our clients have the option of selecting our services as a group or individually.

CNC Milling, CNC Turning, 3D Printing

Our team is highly capable to fabricate your parts using CNC subtractive automated machining as well as 3D printing in a variety of materials.

Laser Marking & Laser Etching Samples
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Laser Etching & Laser Marking on most metals, plastics, & dark woods. We also perform the most advanced techniques in serialization laser marking of your items.

West Industries provides cutting-edge Laser Etching & Laser Marking technology by employing the most advanced laser systems to provide high quality, permanent marking and branding of products. We can also cut shapes from Silicon wafers and thin metals.

If you require a large production or just a handful of objects, we can assist you with your project with impressive results.

Please contact us today to discuss your laser marking application.


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